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Martin House Inn

Built in 1803 by a sea captain for his bride and recently restored to a gracious old-world elegance, this Nantucket inn combines the charm and romance of a bygone era with all the comforts of home. With it's many comfortable gathering areas, its fireplaces, the luxury of it's rooms, it's peaceful veranda caressed by light breezes and the sound of classical music, and of course its spacious roof walk offering panoramic views of the town and the harbor, the Martin House Inn on Nantucket is a place that beckons you to return.

61 Centre Street, Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0678
Martin House Inn, Nantucket Inns    

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Cliff Lodge Bed & Breakfast
9 Cliff Road
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-9480   
Cliff Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Nantucket Inns    
Martin House Inn
61 Centre Street
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0678   
Martin House Inn, Nantucket Inns    
Westmoor Inn
Cliff Rd.
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0877   
 Westmoor Inn, Nantucket Inns    
Carlisle House Inn
26 N Water St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0720   
Carlisle House Inn , Nantucket Inns    
Centerboard Inn
8 Chester St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-9696   
Centerboard Inn, Nantucket Inns    
Harbor Cottages of Nisda
71 Washington Street
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-4485   
Harbor Cottages of Nisda , Nantucket Inns    
Hawthorn House
2 Chestnut St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-1468   
Hawthorn House, Nantucket Inns    
Hydrangea Inn
6 Union St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0245   
Hydrangea Inn, Nantucket Inns    
Jared Coffin House
29 Broad Street, PO Box 1390
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-2400   
Jared Coffin House, Nantucket Inns    
Le Languedoc Inn & Restaurant
24 Broad St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-4298   
Le Languedoc Inn & Restaurant , Nantucket Inns    
Nesbitt Inn
21 Broad St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0156   
Nesbitt Inn , Nantucket Inns    
Pineapple Inn
10 Hussey St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-9992   
Pineapple Inn , Nantucket Inns    
Roberts House Inn
11 India St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0600   
Roberts House Inn , Nantucket Inns    
Seven Sea Street Inn
7 Sea Street
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-3577   
Seven Sea Street Inn, Nantucket Inns    
Sherburne Inn
10 Gay St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-4425   
Sherburne Inn , Nantucket Inns    
Ships Inn
13 Fair St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0040   
Ships Inn , Nantucket Inns    
The Carriage House
5 Ray's Ct
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0326   
The Carriage House, Nantucket Inns    
The Regatta Inn
78 Centre Street
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-901-5740   
The Regatta Inn, Nantucket Inns    
The Summer House Inn
31 India St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-257-4577   
The Summer House Inn , Nantucket Inns    
The Wauwinet
120 Wauwinet Road
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-0145   
The Wauwinet, Nantucket Inns    
Union Street Inn
7 Union St
Nantucket, MA  02554
Phone: 508-228-9222   
Union Street Inn , Nantucket Inns    

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