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The Simmons Homestead Inn
Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast – The Simmons Homestead Inn is the only Bed & Breakfast Inn in Hyannis Port that truly reflects the spirit of old Cape Cod. It was built in 1800 by Lemuel Simmons, a somewhat famous old sea captain and was a private estate until 1988 when Bill took it over, renovated the main house and the barn into a great Cape Cod bed and breakfast inn, providing a warm, friendly, relaxing, and romantic atmosphere. Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast Rooms and Suites There are 14 guest rooms at our centrally located, yet private Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast, with a two bedroom suite set up just for families.

288 Scudder Avenue, Hyannisport, MA &
phone: 508-778-4999

Orleans nonprofit seeks to purchase and preserve Sipson Island
ORLEANS — A rare real estate gem could be open to the public if The Friends of Pleasant Bay has itsway.The Friends, a nonprofit environmental group, has proposed to purchase Sipson Island and make it conservation land.The Friends submitted an application to the Orleans Community Preservation Committee detailing the plan, which would include a private backer who would buy the island, currently on the market with Robert Paul Properties, and sell it back to the town and the [...]
Failing students
 Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recently facilitated a giant step backward last month when she announced her department would revisit the manner in which colleges and universities handle accusations of sexual misconduct. The move, which had been expected for some time, repudiated much of the guidance ushered in under the previous administration, which sought to protect those who had been assaulted, rather than those accused of such assault.First, let us say that DeVos has [...]
How binary thinking endangers our democracy
Studies have shown that our brains find ways to protect us in various ways. When we get frightened, our brains start reducing our internal choices so we can act more quickly. The more frightened we become, the more the brain reduces the choices until there are only two – essentially “fight or flight.” You are either with me or against me. Black or white. Everyone but the tribe is evil, etc.This is binary thinking, and it has taken over the country right now. [...]
Ne need to overreact to sharks in the area
 Regarding the recent My View about the Cape?s overblown response to sharks, it?s good to read a sensible response to the Cape?s shark ?problem,? instead of the typical reactionary response of ?let?s slaughter the seals and sharks, so we can have their habitat for ourselves.?Humans always do that. We build homes in mountain lion habitat, and then are taken completely by surprise when one shows up in our backyard. It?s exactly the same with bear and alligator habitats. [...]
Tread lightly where wildlife also live
Bob Dugan?s recent My View about how his dog was killed by a coyote was so sad. We have a larger mixed terrier and she is the joy of our lives! We would be decimated if our Sophie had to go through what Dugan?s Chico went through. I am so very sorry that this happened to him. Please don’t blame yourself, Mr. Dugan. As you say, “… wrong place at the wrong time.”But I hope your story doesn’t set in motion a call to get rid of the coyotes in our parts -  [...]
Americans enjoy a little socialism
 Jim Coogan’s commentary (?Socialism is here in the US, and we like it,? My View, Dec. 5) was a welcome dose of truth serum that should help even the most myopic conservatives and Trump supporters face reality.It’s hypocritical to ignore the fact that we have practiced our own form of “socialism lite” in this country for years. True there are dictatorships and repressive governments that hide behind the socialist label to disguise their inhumane [...]
Steamship Authority should listen to citizens
 The Steamship Authority offers many benefits to the town of Falmouth. Those include jobs, the perk of public restrooms and monetary benefits from departure fees. The Authority also causes many problems for Falmouth. These include all of our north-south roads being clogged for three months. With the advent of GPS, our neighborhoods are filled with people speeding to catch a ferry.When the Falmouth Board of Selectmen asked to stop the early boats, the Authority refused. The [...]
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