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Cobie's Clam Shack, located on Cape Cod in Brewster, Massachusetts, has been a Cape Cod tradition since 1948. Cobies serves fried clams, fried seafood, burgers, hot dogs, french fries and ice cream. Cobies Restaurant is located right off 6A and the Cape Cod rail trail, easily accessible to cyclists, motorists, and tourists. You've got to come check out Cobie's Restaurant in Brewster, MA! They've got the best fried clams on Cape Cod! There are tons of great items on their menu in addition to the fried seafood too! Awesome burgers, hot dogs, and fries, panini sandwiches and especially great ice cream! Now they've added Creamy Frozen Yogurt with fresh fruit to the menu!

3260 Main Street, Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-7021
Cobies , Brewster Ice Cream    

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