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Beech Tree Cantina
There are several theories regarding the planting of this magnificent English Weeping Beech tree. The most plausible one is based on historical fact:? Most people believe that the American Revolution started with “the shot heard round the world” in Concord. 1775. In fact, the seeds of the Revolution were sown 14 years earlier by a fiery West Barnstable patriot named James Otis. As a representative of Massachusetts to the provincial General Court in 1761, Otis proposed a meeting of representatives of all the Colonies. This led to the assembly of The Stamp Act Congress of 1765 which eliminated the taxes on stamps and other goods. John Adams credited Otis with igniting “… the spark by which the child Independence was born.” Three years later, the British retaliated with the Townshend Act which would tax many goods shipped in from England that America needed but had little of. Once again, James Otis spoke up: “Let Great Britain rescind her measures, or the colonies are lost forever.” Within a year, he was attacked by British revenue officers and sustained a head wound that “… caused him to lose his mind.” This was an obvious message to the upstarts of Barnstable.

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Scammed Yarmouth vet finds support from community
When a man rang the doorbell of Andrew Dolan’s South Yarmouth home, offering to take care of some yard work, Dolan, a 92-year-old veteran of World War II with limited mobility, agreed. “The grass needed cutting, and of course I can’t do anything like that, so I said okay,” Dolan said.The man soon found other jobs that needed doing around Dolan’s home, offering to take care of them all at relatively low cost, so long as the money was paid up front. [...]
MSPCA plans new shelter in Centerville
For over four decades, the Centerville shelter operated by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has provided Cape residents with dogs, cats, and other pets in need of homes, as well as a place for pet owners to bring animals they can no longer care for. In a few years, if a capital campaign launched recently by the MSPCA is successful, a brand new building will take the existing shelter's place, providing more space and better facilities for pets, and the people [...]
Fungus among us
EAST SANDWICH -- Never mind OysterFest, manic mushroom mania is sweeping the Cape.Well, maybe not all Cape Codders are fevered about the fungus among us, believe that truffles are terrific and that mold never gets old. But Sunday was a grand day for those mad about mycelia as close to 200 people poured through the doors of the East Sandwich Grange Hall for the second annual Mushroom Fair.The fair was put on by the Cape Cod [...]
Morning Jolt: Nervous 'Chevy Guy' is one of best World Series highlights
Social media was abuzz with news that the San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series last night, but another moment exploded on social media as well - “Chevy Guy.” Chevrolet rep Rikk Wilde presented the World Series MVP award and a Chevy Colorado to Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, and he had a bit of stage fright, stammering through his lines. Watch the video here.
Yarmouth police arrest Wareham man on heroin charges
In addition to several outstanding warrants, police charged Adam Veary with possession of heroin with intent to distribute.
Morning Jolt: Missing Broncos fan found safe
A Denver Broncos fan who went missing from the game Sunday has been found, the Denver Police Department reported. The man, Paul Kitterman, 53, had been standing in line for the bathroom when he disappeared. He was at the game with his stepson and two friends. Police found him Tuesday night about 110 miles away from the stadium. No further details were released, but a friend said Kitterman had not been drinking and doesn’t have mental health issues.
App Finder: Best coffee apps
Where would we be without coffee? It helps us power though late-night assignments and helps us wake up in the morning when we’re feeling a bit sleep-deprived. If you’re a caffeine aficionado, you’ll appreciate this round-up of java-centric apps, featuring everything from cafe finders to DIY latte art instructions.BARISTA ME: Feeling like your coffee-making skills could use an upgrade? Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee — and an assortment of speciality [...]
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