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Karoo Restaurant
Karoo Restaurant is inspired by the diversity of British, Dutch, African, Malaysian, Portuguese and Indian flavors that make up the delicious dishes of Chef Sanette Groenewald’s South African homeland. Chef Sanette was born and raised in a small town called Wolseley located in the Little Karoo where life is simple, down to earth, unpretentious, and full of friendly people. That is the principle on which both Karoo Restaurant and Karoo Kafe was built.Karoo Kafe is where it all started 12 years ago when Chef Sanette opened her first restaurant in the United States, a small South African Kafe located in Provincetown. Karoo Kafe opened in 2002 with the idea of introducing her home food to the people of Cape Cod. Her recipes go as far back as 8 generations and she has hand picked the ones that are dearest to her heart. Find out more about Karoo Kafe by visiting

3 Main St #32B, Eastham, MA &
phone: (508) 255-8288

It's that time again to "Ask a COP a Question". In November 2013, we introduced?
It's that time again to "Ask a COP a Question". In November 2013, we introduced this monthly segment to our FB friends and have gotten some great questions. Each month, we field no more than 5 questions from followers on anything they?ve always wanted to ask a Police Officer, but maybe would be to afraid to approach the Officer to ask.  Again, no "Police Procedure" or "Criminal Law" questions.  We want you to ask some of those humanizing type questions.   So let the questions commence, Officers are standing by!
Do Palin?s GOP cohorts share her ?boys? view?
At the Republican Iowa Freedom Summit, Sarah Palin got a standing ovation when she called President Obama “a little boy.” I wonder how much prejudice a Republican president and a Republican Congress would exhibit toward all of America’s other black “boys.”William SchuttenFalmouth
Dangerous hyperbole undermines message
Writer Richard Latimer (My View, Jan. 3) deserves a brief reply.Mr. Latimer says: “white grand juries ALWAYS fail or refuse to indict white cops who kill black men?” (emphasis added). Really? Always? If so, America has a problem. Of course, that’s nonsense. But it’s dangerous nonsense that stirs up violent mobs.Latimer also concludes that New York cops used an “illegal” choke hold on a suspect resisting arrest. Without knowing [...]
What do you expect building on sand?
I’m sorry for anyone losing their property to catastrophic weather, but this needs to be said: I’m not rich or stupid enough to build my house on sand.Bruce J. JonesBarnstable
Barnstable plowing plan is a criminal failure
Two full days since the storm began, and 12 hours since the snow stopped falling, and my entire neighborhood in Cotuit had yet to see a single plow.As a mother and a New Englander, I find it absolutely disgraceful that the town of Barnstable would allow this snowstorm to become an epically dangerous event. It is a dire public safety hazard that the town did not even plan to make a first pass at our “secondary roads” until Wednesday night, effectively leaving us trapped [...]
Attention all those who oppose new firehouse
I had the opportunity during much of the day Tuesday to listen to a police/fire scanner during the height of the blizzard that blew over much of New England.How I wish that the naysayers, those who have opposed, for a variety of reasons, the construction of a new fire station for Hyannis, could have listened with me. The women and men of the Hyannis Fire Department confronted one crisis after another with imagination, unselfish dedication and compassion. And when their long, demanding [...]
Let?s require utilities to move underground
NStar necessarily relies on out-of-area repair crews rather than maintain a large fleet standing by for the occasional storm.Big storms create a need for assistance, of course. I saw a truck from North Carolina here in 2013. Imagine the overhead of having distant crews here and getting them assigned to repairs. Wages paid to those crews come off our bills and the money goes elsewhere.Public service policy has the potential of making a long-term investment that will keep our [...]
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